Children's Partial Care

Our youth partial care program targets those youth with serious emotional and behavioral problems for ages 3-18. Psychiatric evaluation and clinical oversight is provided by a Board Certified Psychiatrist and supervision is by a Master’s Level Children’s Partial Care Unit Director. 

The program consists of coping and social skills development, anger management, intensive group therapy and use of creative arts. The partial care program is designed as an acute care psychiatric intervention that works in conjunction with educational placements to ensure a continuum of care. Transportation to/from the program is provided. 

Children’s Partial Care uses a multi-disciplinary approach to make a range of services available to all clients and their families. These services are outlined in a Master Treatment Plan and may include, but not be limited to: 

Individual, group, and family counseling
Short and long term goal setting and motivation for learning
Team building and peer relations 
Life skills training 
Structured therapeutic recreation
Substance abuse prevention and education 
Conflict resolution
Anger management 
Psychiatric consultation and medication monitoring 

Children work in small groups arranged by age, level of functioning, gender, common interest or challenge with a counselor and facilitator. Group outings and trips are also part of the program to encourage out of classroom education and socialization. The CPC schedule is designed to ensure that your child’s time in partial care will not negatively impact academic instruction. Your child will be picked up from school in the afternoon, and returned to your home at the end of the program.