Emergency Services/ Screening
24/7 Crisis intervention 

The Emergency Services Department provides 24 hour mental health crisis intervention to individuals within Salem County. The Emergency Services Unit is the Division of Mental Health Services Designated Screening Center for Salem County. 

Services are offered on site at the following two county locations: 

Memorial Hospital of Salem County- 24 hours a day. 
Carney's Point Office-During operational hours, usually 8:30 am to 9:00 pm 
Outreach services are available to individuals who are presenting as a danger to self, others or property, and are unable or unwilling to come to the screening center. 

Screening is available to all individuals regardless of ability to pay, or involvement in ongoing mental health treatment. Services Provided Include: 

Availability of staff 24/7
On site crisis intervention/stabilization
Referral and Linkage •Psychiatric Evaluation
Psychiatric Follow Up •Medication Monitoring 
Outreach evaluations 
CISM/ Debriefing 
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