Intensive Family Support Services (IFSS)
Providing Support and Education families affected by Mental Illness

The Intensive Support Services to Families Program was created and designed as a source for educating and assisting families with a mentally ill member. Using a family centered approach, the program has 3 core functions, each of which offers services to families as needed for their unique situation.

The majority of adults with mental illness in Salem County currently reside with or near their families. The Intensive Support Services to Families (ISSF) program is designed to meet the needs of families with a mentally ill or mentally ill chemically abusing (MICA) adult member.

Recognizing how overwhelming this can be, the program focuses on the family and offers: 

Support, Education, Explanation, Strategies, and Information 
Family Groups 
Individual and/or family Sessions
Respite Care
Referral Services/Linkages 

IFSS offers ongoing Psycho-Educational Programs. This 6 to 8 week course will provide families with mentally ill members basic facts about specific mental disorders and how the illness is likely to affect the family.

Intensive In-home Services Incorporating a multi-faceted approach to provide intensive in-home services, the social worker will utilize outreach, general monitoring, counseling with family members, and case management/service linkage/liaison services.

Respite Care: This service is a limited non-emergency planned time away from the ill member living at home. 

This program is available to families residing in Salem County regardless of ability to pay or whether the ill member is involved with Healthcare Commons, Inc. Individuals interested in ISSF services should call (856)299-3200 for a free confidential telephone assessment and referral .